Gundog Training with James Wiles

10.30.-12.30 Once a month on a Sunday £25


2021 – January 3, February 7, March 7, April 11, May 9, June 6, July 4, August 1, September 5, October 3, November 7 December 5


About James Wiles:

James has been training Gundogs since he was 12 years of age. Originally training as a Gamekeeper right out of school he has spent many a Shooting season working multiple dogs on various working shoots. James is an experienced, enthusiastic instructor with attention to detail and a great attitude towards you and your dog.


What will you do?

During the Gundog sessions we will be combining the training of Walked Up Shoots, Rough Shooting and Scurries. Incorporating typical gundog skills of retrieving (seen, long and blinds), hunting, directional work, whistle work.

Who can come?

These sessions will be suitable for complete novices as well as the more advanced.

All breeds welcome.


Bookings to be made direct to James on his bookings page following the link


Or for more info contact Davina Wiles,

Walkabout Hounds, 0113 318 2838