IABTC Super Sniffers Nosework 

Join the … IABTC Scent Dog - Super Sniffer Awards Programme

Monthly Super Sniffer Training sessions with Sniffer Mad – Di Rhodes & Karen Holmes.

IABTC Scent Dog Super Sniffer Awards Programme.

You will build up your own scent kit during the award levels

to enable you to continue the training and build your skills

between sessions

Detection Skills:

➢ Scent Detector Dog Level 1-4.

➢ Tracking Dog Level 1- 4

➢ Incident Search Dog Level 1-4

➢ Wilderness Search  Dog Level 1- 4 .

➢ Truffle Dog Level 1-4

➢ Advanced IABTC Scent Dog. Super Sniffer Level Award,

(The Advanced Award will put your skills to the test in a combined skills test, also pass a scent theory test.)

Super Sniffer Members will be given access to:

• A Free Super Sniffers Car Sticker

• Super Sniffer Merchandise

• Super Sniffers Private Facebook Page

Super Sniffer Summer Camp

2022 – October 6-9, £200

Four days of all things olfactory—tracking, detection, discrimination, man trailing, and including CSI Dog Detective. Understand how your dog’s nose works and learn how to work in harmony with your dog.  A must for all doggy nose lovers!!


This course is aimed at everyone, but for instructors, it may be your opportunity to learn with your own dog and then teach to your clients or leave your teaching at home and just come for 4 days of scenting indulgence with your own dog.

Camp on-site or come in daily.

Book your camping with Dan White vanandcamper@gmail.com 

NEW - IABTC Specialist Nosework Instructor qualifications.
Super Sniffers introduces a new date for your diary.
April 25-29, 2022. £350.00

More dates to follow.

Be on the first IABTC course aimed at teaching you to become an IABTC Certified Specialist Nosework Instructor with the option to offer our super sniffer courses to your clients and also access our Super Sniffer merchandise and course plans.

With over 40 years of experience in a whole range of Nosework, Angela White (The Instructors' Instructor) leads a team of enthusiastic instructors who are ready to pass on their skills to you.

Plus – In conjunction with Angela, IABTC Approved Advanced Instructor and ‘SUPER SNIFFER SUPER INSTRUCTOR’ DI RHODES has developed this new instructor programme following years of development and instruction for handlers and dogs of all sizes and abilities. Honing her skills with meticulous research and development plus CPD


Di is now ready to share those skills with instructors with this new IABTC Instructor course – helping to spread the word of the benefits and joys of scent work.

Based at our purpose-built training centre set in 18 acres with onsite camping facilities.

This is a course that instructors will not want to miss.


Booking & Advance Payment Essential

£35 for each session 10 – 4. 

Handler numbers limited

➢ Sessions for seasoned handlers and dogs

➢ Sessions for new starters

➢ Spectators welcome without dogs £20

Check with Di for availability di.iabtc@gmail.com

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