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Meet The IABTC Team

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Angela White

Angela White FKCAI CDA, OBA, BehA, Cert Ed, MSET.

Angela White is the Founder of IABTC and has over 40 years of experience in dog training, behaviour and teaching. For many years she was a senior lecturer in behaviour and training and wrote the first-ever higher education programme in Canine Behaviour and Training.  She is a founder member and Fellow of the Kennel Club Accreditations Scheme for Instructors and Behaviourists (KCAI), serves as VC of KCAI and in 2023 was elected as a director of the board of the Kennel Club.


Angela competed in competitive obedience for many years getting up to qualification in Test C before easing off to concentrate on her role as Editor of two dog Magazines while running a thriving training centre, kennels and dog training equipment manufacturing company. She has also dabbled in many dog sports and has trained a range of breeds giving her a vast range of knowledge.


She now specialises in teaching people how to become dog training instructors and behaviourists also follows her special interest in training assistance and therapy dogs with their owners.

Angela is also the founder and headteacher of Haxey Study Centre - a training provider for children who are not in the usual school system.

Jayne Karen Butler

Jayne Butler

Jayne Butler - IABTC Accredited Instructor. KCAI - Kennel Club accredited instructor in Companion Dog Training.  Jayne is highly experienced in instructing all levels of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme, from Puppy Foundation to Gold. She enjoys training her own dogs and attends a range of classes including Parkour Master Dog Trainer and Clicker Class. She has entered Rally obedience trials and qualified at levels one and two.


She has a special interest in Clicker, Carting and MDT and teaches Good Citizen, Kids club and Carting at IABTC

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Karen Holmes

Karen Holmes KPACTP, KCAI C&T

IABTC Advanced Accredited Instructor. Clicker and Target Level 4 (Instructor). Member of ABTC (Animal Behaviour Training Council).

Accredited member of KCAI - in March 2023 she was the first person ever, to be awarded KCAI Clicker & Target Training. 

Karen is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy after studying with the Academy to enhance her knowledge of Clicker Training in which she specialises.

Karen has owned dogs for 40 years plus and currently has three. They are different breeds and different ages giving her a wealth of knowledge on how to change training methods to suit different dogs and at different stages of their lives. She is also a qualified groomer.


Karen is very busy at IABTC teaching a wide range of courses including Clicker training, Parkour, MDT, and more.

She also works with our younger students as part of Haxey Study Centre.

Amanda Robinson

Amanda Robinson

Amanda Robinson - IABTC Accredited Instructor. and KCAI -  Kennel Club accredited instructor in Companion Dog Training. Amanda holds a qualification in Animal Assisted Therapy working with children and young adults who are on the Autistic spectrum and have trained dogs to aid them. She is also a registered instructor for Dog Aid. Of course, she enjoys training her own dogs and has a recent new addition.

She has a special interest in assistance dog training. She teaches Good Citizen and Kids club at IABTC.



Di Rhodes

Di Rhodes BSc Hons, MEd, PGCE RGN. Dip Canine Behaviour Modification. Dip Search Dog Handler IABTC Advanced Accredited Instructor

Her Qualifications also include Cert How to Teach Scent Work,  Level 3 Cert in Animal Assisted Therapy. Level 3 Cert in Canine Physiotherapy.  Di is a member of KCAI and is desperate for them to create a Nosework accreditation so she can give it a go!

Di has owned a variety of breeds for over 30 years, she currently has two - a GSD and a Chihuahua. She started training at IABTC after getting her third German Shepherd she entered just a few obedience shows and won out of pre beginners in Obedience and continued to test A. She has competed in Rally and one of her dogs (Pip, a Jack Russell) being part of the Northern Rally Team at Crufts 2019. Purdy Di’s GSD is a Therapy Dog working in hospital occupational therapy departments.


Di’s special areas of interest for study and teaching are Brain and Behaviour and Scent Work. Member of KCAI

Jayne and Amanda together run Collar and Lead Dog Training Club
and jointly hold listed status for running Kennel Club  Good Citizen test scheme at all levels and run regular sessions at IABTC. They also have a kids club and Jayne runs monthly sessions on Carting. They are both involved in Therapy Support Dogs

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