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Competitive Obedience

Competitive Obedience Training with Angela White FKCAI OBA

Wednesday 10 am-4 pm £30. Pre-Booking Essential.

Due to an expanding waiting list, from Jan 2024, there will be 2 groups.

Group 1 – Wednesdays - Primarily for people working B/C plus or who have been through the classes with previous dogs.

2024 – Jan 24, Feb 21, March 27, April 24, May 15, June 26,

July 17, Sept 18, Oct 23, Nov 27.

Group 2 – Thursdays - Primarily for those starting out, not yet competing or working up to test A/B for the first time, or joining for help with other sports e.g., HTM.

2024 – Jan 11, Feb 8, March 27, April 11, May 9, June 13,

July 11, Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 21.

Although Angela no longer competes, she keeps up to date with what is going on in the obedience world and runs monthly training sessions open to all levels. She has a nucleus of people who attend regularly ranging from beginners to championship handlers.

The group is welcoming to those new to the sport and has a kind and nurturing ethos trying to encourage new blood to enjoy it.

Newcomers are more than welcome if space allows.

Contact Angela White for availability

COMPETITIVE Obedience with Julie Rowlands

***Winner of the Crufts Dog Obedience Championships 2023***.

2024 April 12-14.  Handlers £65 per day.

2024 October 11-13. Handlers £65 per day

2024 August 19 - 22. Summer Camp you can camp on-site and enjoy the evening with your other campmates too. Handlers £60 per day. 

Spectators any course for only £30 per day

Julie Rowlands has been competing in Obedience for many years and has competed at the highest level. She is a championship obedience judge. She is well known for her kind teaching methods and it is our great pleasure to welcome her back to IABTC on a regular basis.

Contact Janet Thickbroom to book your place

COMPETITIVE Obedience (and more)

with Kamal Fernandez

December 2 and 3,  2023

Handlers £140.00 for the 2 days. Spectators £30.00 per day

Come and be motivated for 2 days with Kamal. He has been training since he was a wee lad and works across a variety of sports. He specialises in motivation and accuracy.

He has been a regular tutor at IABTC for many years. 

Contact Janet Thickbroom to book your place

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