Agility - Non-Competitive Training Classes

With IABTC Approved Instructors

➢ Agility Classes – Starting with PRE-AGILITY – for those starting out, low impact, basic control, obstacle/equipment training, contact training, motivation, handling skills etc. Leading into linking of obstacles, rounds, accuracy, complexity. Speed not essential.


All sessions include warm up and cool down exercises.

Learn at your own speed, from your instructor and by watching others.


All breeds welcome. Agility heights and equipment adjusted to suit individual needs.


Dog Age Restrictions - No strenuous or impact work until dogs are fully physically mature (average around 18 months). However, younger dogs are welcome, to learn pre-agility skills and scaled down versions, ready for full agility once mature.


Health Restrictions – Dogs will normally need to be fit; however, we can work with you and medical professionals to use agility and other activities to help gain all round fitness. Please let us know if you or your dog have any special needs.


First and Third Thursday of the Month - 7 - 8.30 £15.00

Contact Karen to book your place  

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