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IABTC Clicker Training Workshops

Full-Day Sessions £40 per day    10-4. 
Once you have the basic idea of clicker training you and your dog are welcome to attend our regular Clicker & Target Training sessions (held every month). Here you can be guided through the stages and if you wish can ask to be assessed at each level when you feel competent. 
Assessment and theory learning materials are free of charge for regular attendees. 
Assessment is not compulsory - you can just come along to learn more and have fun with your dog.

Mondays - Join with other like-minded people using clickers for tricks, dog dancing, and even assistance dogs.  One-to-one tuition in this session coupled with a little group work where appropriate. March 4, April 8, May 13, June 3, July 8,
September 2, October 7, November 11, December 2.


Clicker Weekend Breaks 2024

For All Levels

January 28-29, (Weekend) £70.00.  


September 28-29,  2023 (Weekend) £70.00. 


Clicker Summer School for all levels

Dates to be arranged. £299 including theory & practical assessments.

10-4 EACH DAY bring a packed lunch. Camp on-site or travel in.

Those already experienced but unable to come for the whole week may attend on individual days please check with the office for this option.

5 days of Clicker training covering all IABTC C&T levels from Intro - 3 & 4.

Work with our interesting collection of clicker animals including chickens!

What can you achieve in the week? It depends on what you can already do.

  • Just starting out - Level 1 is easily achievable.

  • Already had a go, levels 1 & 2 could be within your grasp.

  • A seasoned clicker and target trainer can probably do 1 & 2 and make a good start on 3.

  • Someone who already has 1-3 and is an IABTC instructor may be able to do level 4.


At Summer School you work with your own dog, but you also get a chance to work with some of our IABTC clicker animals

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