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IABTC Certified Clicker Training Awards

There is a theory section that you work through in your own time attached to all Clicker Training awards.

You can work through these awards by attending the sessions at IABTC

You can also do them via the internet by submitting videos by email.


Your Instructors for Clicker Training:

Angela White. Di Rhodes IABTC Adv/Inst C&T4. Karen Holmes IABTC Adv/Inst. C&T4, KPA 

IABTC Clicker & Target Training Award Levels

(IABTC /C&T1) C&T1 looks at the basic use of clicker and target training – your ability to time your clicks accurately and effectively, shape simple desired behaviours, free shape, put behaviours under cue, extend the duration of behaviours, use target sticks and other target objects, select, handle and deliver rewards well.

Successful candidates can use IABTC C&T1 after their name.

(IABTC /C&T2) C&T2 looks at your ability to develop use of the system to work on more complex behaviours & includes: chaining, back chaining, generalisation, shaping without luring, changing cues, transferring targets, fading targets & cues, variable rewards. Successful candidates can use IABTC C&T2 after their name.


(IABTC /C&T3) C&T3 looks at the handler’s ability analyse behaviour patterns and the construction of exercises or tests, to use the system to develop behaviour chains of increasing complexity, to reduce complex chains to one cue, free shape complex behaviour chains.

Successful candidates can use IABTC C&T3 after their name.


(IABTC/Inst. C&T4) IABTC Instructing Clicker & Target Training.  Open to those who have achieved IABTC/IABTC/C&T 1-3 & IABTC Instructor qualification above assistant level. This level looks at the candidate’s ability to instruct individuals and small groups in the art and science of clicker & target training. It will include developing your ability to teach others and guide them through the structure of exercises, timing, etc., as above and will require you to demonstrate your assessing skills, to identify if learning is taking place, to develop new exercises and challenges. Making classes interesting, motivational for both dog and handler.

Successful candidates can use IABTC Inst. C&T4 after their name and will be authorised to deliver and assess IABTC Clicker Awards

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