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Using Botanicals to Aid Behaviour Rehabilitation


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1 day workshop with Angela White £50 for the day


Zoopharmacognosy, the term coined by Caroline Ingraham, its founder, is the name given to describe the study of a process used by animals to self-select plants and plant extracts to self-medicate. We have all seen dogs forage for grasses and other plants and only just the right one will do, well we can provide them with an extension of what comes naturally by offering the animal the option to inhale, ingest or rub on to the various natural oils and plant materials know to be therapeutic to some animals if and when they need it.


Introduced to this amazing art and science by a Battersea practitioner, Angela has studied with a range of practitioners (including founder Caroline Ingraham) and has been using the aromatic side of the Zoopharmacology for a good number of years for her own animals and those who have been presented to her requiring behavioural rehabilitation.


This workshop comprises of:

• A show case of successful case studies where Angela has introduced the concept to dogs and their owners (normally in front of behaviour students).

• An Introduction to the botanicals she has used to compliment behaviour rehabilitation

• A practical with a dog that has anxiety and or fear related behaviours


This is not a quick fix, but it can give the most awe inspiring results.

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