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TTouch (Tellington Touch) with Jo Churlish

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You learn the most by taking part with a dog – experience all aspects of TTouch with your own dog or borrow one from a friend! You will also learn lots by spectating and you will be able to take part in some aspects of the course


Handlers £125 for the full weekend Spectators (no dog) £50 per day.


Tellington TTouch Training is a kind and respectful way of working with all animal species to help them overcome a variety of issues, and help develop a strong, positive, trusting bond between the animals and their guardians. It is widely used around the world in pet behaviour counselling, dog training, rescue shelters, veterinary practices, physiotherapy, horse riding, and competitive canine and equine sports.


This method was developed over 40 years ago by Linda Tellington-Jones who recognised the inextricable link between posture, behaviour and emotion.


It uses bodywork, groundwork leading exercises (where appropriate), and specific equipment to ease tension and help promote a feeling of calm and well-being. This helps animals develop self-carriage, self-confidence, self-control, and enables them to learn more effectively.


TTouch has been known to help with noise sensitivity (fireworks, thunder, gunshots, etc), dislike of handling and grooming, nervousness and anxiety, travelling issues, lack of balance or concentration, pulling on the lead, stiffness, hyperactivity and restlessness.


Jo Churlish is a Tellington TTouch Training practitioner for all Companion Animals (P2) and Equines (P1)


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